MEGACONSTRUCT S.A. represented by SC DIVERSINST S.R.L. for PIELESTI COMMUNE, announces the interested public on the submission of the application for the issuance of the environmental agreement for the project "INSTALLATION OF NATURAL GAS DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM IN CAMPENI AND NEAR VILLAGES - PIELESTI COMMUNE, DOLJ COUNTY" registered at APM DOLJ with no. 850, dated 22.02.2022 .

The information regarding the proposed project can be consulted at the APM Dolj headquarters, 1 Petru Rares street and at the DIVERSINST SRL headquarters, from Monday to Thursday, between 8.00 and 16.00 and on Friday between 8.00 and 14.00.

The observations of the public are received daily at the headquarters of APM Dolj str Petru Rares no. 1.